How to Organize a Gym Bag

This time of year, the gyms are more full than usual, but there are still plenty of folks using plenty of excuses to NOT get to the gym every day. If you are trying to start a new healthy habit, let’s make sure that your gym bag is helping the cause. Here are just a few tips for how to organize a gym bag.

Just like you are packing for a trip, lay out the kinds of things that you like to have with you at the gym. If you tend to forget something every time, make a little list and tie it to your bag with string. Here is my list for the summer pool.


The thing that takes up the most room in the bag is usually shoes. If you can, choose a bag that has a separate compartment for shoes and flip flops.



Everything else goes into a few separate bags. I like this set of 3 mesh bags from JT Maxx for just $8. They are colorful and see-through, to help keep the inside of my bag organized.


I keep makeup in one bag, a swim suit in the medium bag, and a set of gym clothes in the larger bag. I don’t have to dig to the bottom of my bag to find what I need. Just pull out the pouch and go.

Do you have any tricks for how to organize a gym bag?