Healthy, Organized Breakfast Smoothie (Berry Avocado Smoothie)

It’s mid-January, mid-week. How’s that healthy eating resolution going for you? I’ve got a secret to share about my mornings. They are very smooth, even if there’s chaos with the kids. Well, they are smoothies, anyway, and my smoothies have a secret.

smoothie with avocado

Here’s my basic smoothie recipe:

  1. A handful of frozen berries, whatever makes you happy
  2. Two scoops of plain Greek yogurt
  3. 1 tablespoon-ish of vanilla protien powder
  4. Enough water to cover it all and…are you ready for this?
  5. 1/4 of an avocado

smoothie secret ingredient avocado

When I first heard about putting avocados in a smoothie, my reaction was to make a yuk face. Not sure why we generally don’t think of eating green things for breakfast in our culture. But the avocado is really what makes the smoothie extra creamy, very healthy (so they tell me), and I swear to you I cannot taste it at all.

tasty smoothie with avocado

If you’ve ever bought the line about a handful of spinach not being detectable in a smoothie, you might be thinking I’m lying about the avocado. You can totally detect spinach in a smoothie, people. Who are we kidding? It might not taste bad, but we still know it’s there.

The avocado, on the other hand? Very, very sneaky, in a good way.

berry smoothie with avocado

Also, all of these ingredients are very storable and swappable. You can shop once a week, or even less often, and still have a healthy breakfast or snack at the ready. Frozen berries, I buy them in the BIG BAG. Swap the avocado for a banana every now and then. Skip the protein powder altogether if you are out, or throw in a tablespoon of peanut butter. Just about any kind of yogurt will work. I mean, mix it up, it’s your smoothie. But with a protein boost like this, you are much more likely to stay on track with your fitness goals…at least until noon.

Are you ready to brave green before 8 am? Have you tried an avocado in your smoothie?

mixing smoothie with avocado

Need another breakfast idea to keep you on the right track with your fitness goals? Try this easy mason jar oatmeal, and you won’t have breakfast dishes all week.

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Healthy, Organized Breakfast Smoothie, Berry Avocado smoothie


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  1. Ellin Hlebik

    Just read on my kiwi fruit container

    One Kiwi fruit has
    More vitamin C than an orange, more vitamin K than avocado, and more potassium than bananas

    So if you don’t like avocado or cringe to have it in your smoothie sub in kiwi fruit. probably will give it the same color too as avocado might.

    Only 45 calories per piece. Yes has some sugar in it but it’s natural sugar not processed.

  2. Darla

    Ellin, good idea. You can really add almost any fruit in a smoothie to make it be what you want it to be.

  3. Ceil

    One of the good things about the avocado is the healthy fat helps keep you full. I’m going to give this a try, Darla!

  4. Dian

    Avocado has become one of my favorite foods. My hubby and grandkids even eat my other half right out of the skin but I like it “in” something. Thanks for the recipe.

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