Do You Know What CHAOS Is? (Get Organized)

Professional organizers call CHAOS the Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

CHAOS is Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome

It might surprise you that P.O.’s aren’t trying to get you to throw out your clutter.

Good organizing makes room for what you love. Science and our own experience confirms that things don’t make us happy. Experiences and people move the needle on the happiness meter.

So how can we tame the chaos at home and be happier?

Recognize that living in a magazine or Pinterest photo just isn’t possible. Be realistic about what being organized looks like in your family.

Being organized might not be the same as being tidy. Can you get dressed without pawing through dirty laundry…again? Can you prepare a healthy meal at home? Can you pay bills on time? You’re probably doing OK, even if your house isn’t “eat off the floor” clean.

Systems help you stay organized. You don’t have to search for your keys every morning if you hang them on a hook by the door. Combine your physical environment with good habits to accomplish routine tasks. This takes time, so don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect. It won’t be.

Get help. Mom usually sets the tone for an organized home, but get family members to pitch in. Even young children can toss laundry in a hamper, match clean socks, and chuck toys in bins after playing.

Always take the opportunity to entertain angels. Angels don’t care if there is laundry on the sofa or dishes in the sink. Hospitality doesn’t have anything to do with clutter.

If all else fails, take comfort in the Miss Match sock brand, wildly popular and never matching! Who needs matching socks, anyway?

Are you living in CHAOS? Can you build one system at home that helps you start to be more organized every day?


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  1. xerarose

    Being organized isn’t the same as being tidy. I love that statement.

    I think I’ve got a handle on the clutter. It’s getting on top of the dirt that is harder for me. But we’ll get there.

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