Mini DIY Paper Boxes for Organizing Bits (Drawer Dividers)

Don’t go buy another thing to get organized. Chances are you probably already have what you need. A few days ago I posted a list of random things to reuse at home when organizing.

Do you have bits drifting around your drawers? Flotsam and jetsam? Here’s an organizing trick that you can use today to get more organized.

DIY paper boxes for drawer dividers

Make your own paper boxes. Use them as drawer dividers, jewelry holders, teeny tiny mailboxes or whatever you need them for. This little one holds file tabs upside down. How neat is that?

DIY paper boxes as drawer dividers hold file tabs

Yeah, I know, this looks a little bit like arts and crafts class, but it is oddly soothing. This is the kind of thing you can do with your hands while you are on that mindlessly boring conference call.

HeartWork Organizing DIY Paper boxes

Any piece of paper will do. Use regular printer paper trimmed to 12×12, or start with pretty scrapbook paper. Cut it in a square of any size. The larger the square, the larger the box.


I promise you, this isn’t tricky at all. It’s just simple folds to make this little box come together.
What would you organize with these little DIY paper boxes? Socks? Office supplies? Spice jars? Jewelry? Do tell.