How to Organize a Desk – Draw a Map

You wouldn’t think it would be so gosh darned hard to keep a desk organized. But when things change rapidly through the day, who can remember what belongs on the desk, what belongs in the desk, and what’s just passing through? We made it dead easy for this busy business owner to organize his desk every day by drawing him a map.


We laid down a sheet of contact paper to cover the corner of the desk.

Then we placed everything that he likes to keep on the top of his desk.

Then we outlined everything on top of the contact paper, and put the items back.


So now, even if he has a completely crazy day and everything gets knocked off his desk, he can easily reset it without thinking about it.

Even better, theoretically he always knows where his phone is.


how to organize a desk - draw a map (2)


Are you trying to build a clean desk habit? Or maybe just cleaner? Do you think drawing a map of what belongs on your desk would help you build that habit stronger and faster?

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How to organize a desk- draw a map