Organizing Ball Inflator Pump Needle Adapters {Junk Drawer Organizing}

I totally had something else on tap for you today, but here it is, only the 2nd of January, and we are squarely into our busy season already. I love GO Month (Get Organized Month).

So, here’s just a quickie for you. Maybe you need this if you or your kid got any balls or inflatable toys for the holidays. Are you always looking for those dang Ball Inflator Pump Needle Adapters? Here’s how I deal with it.I used to keep them in a baggie, but they were always getting lost. I purchased some small plastic containers at the dollar store, ten in a pack, so there are plenty to use for other tiny things around the house. I used a Sharpie to just write on the lid that this is where we store ball inflator pump needle adapters.

Organizing Ball Inflator Pump Needle Adapters

Simple, but effective. That little storage bin has it’s own spot in my “junk drawer,” which you’ve seen organized a million times.

how to organize a kitchen junk drawer

Believe it or not, we’ve had these same little adapters for years. Come spring, when we really need them again, I’ll know right where they are.

This is a super easy organizing project to get you started this January. Even if you don’t actually know where your inflator needles are right this minute, you can set up a little spot to store them in your junk drawer today. Are you inspired to try? Or will you write on the lid of some other little storage container for little whatchyamacallits that are always getting lost?

I’d love to hear.