Do Dogs Make You Happy?

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Overwhelmed? Overcome by events lately? Tired of working like a dog? I’ve got you covered.

Scroll down to win win tickets to the National Dog Show in Oaks this Nov 18 & 19. If you miss it live, watch it Thanksgiving Day on national TV on NBC.

Thanks to PetPlan for sponsoring this preview event where I captured all these cute, fluffy dog mugs!

Come see all these furry babies and many more at the National Dog Show. Want tickets? Enter to win tickets that will be available at will-call for either day.

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  1. Karon

    My dog is organized he knows where his leash is at all times

    1. Darla

      But of course! They generally aren’t to great on the attention span, though, squirrel!!!

  2. Pam Loves Books

    is my dog organized? of course he is! he keeps his toys all over the place where he can find them. and his pillow he keeps by the wall. and his paperwork he keeps in a file folder in his human’s office.

  3. Tiffany

    Haha one out of two of my dogs are organized!

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