Basement Playroom Organizing Before & After

Play is the work of children. But when the playroom is cluttered, kids end up underfoot. Let’s organize a playroom today!

basment playroom clutter

basement playroom needs organizing


If you come to this website a lot, you already know that we’re here to help. Everyone, and I mean everyone, can have a room (or three) in their house like this at some time. It can be because of a move, an illness, confusion over what to use the room for or how to decorate it, or a hundred other reasons. Not everyone can easily manage a melange like this, but we absolutely LOVE the challenge! It’s so lovely to be able to help a beautiful family like this enjoy every inch of their home.

We use the SORT and Succeed method, just 5 steps, to work our way around the room, one item at a time, until we know what’s there, and decide where it belongs.

It doesn’t take a bundle of new organizing bins, or even a lot of time to turn this into something wonderful for the 3 year old mistress of the house…and make her giraffe very happy, too.

basement playroom after

Look at all that room to play!

And there is a little something in it for mom and dad, too.

basement playroom with desk

What does mom think of the organized playroom? Click and see the video here.

All of the gift wrap and gift bags are now neatly gathered and stored beside the desk. We might work into a more specialized gift wrap storage solution, but for now, a simple plastic bin will do the job.

organizing gift wrap

We used that burlap bag to gather one of the most frustrating types of all clutter…cords! Mom and dad sure were happy when they found all their missing cords!

reducing cord clutter

Way more exciting, we found over $600 in cash and gift cards!

found money while organizing

Even so, this might have been the most valuable thing down there. The memory from the night he proposed. Awwwww.

organizing memory

Would you believe this whole organizing job only took us 3 hours? Yup. I love days like this, when I can go home, knowing that we’ve just increased the usable space in a lovely home by serious square footage.

Lucky us, this was only half of the basement! Click here to see how we organized the storage/laundry side of the basement.

Remember, organize first, use what you have, and then- only then- should you go buy organizing gadgets, bins, or supplies.

Here’s even more inspiration for an organized basement play space.

Is your clutter hiding a playroom?





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  1. Barbara

    Perfect timing. My daughter needs this. She has three boys under age 3

    1. Darla

      Kids that young love to organize. But they won’t usually do it to our “big girl” standards. Help her make it easy for them, and everyone wins.



    1. Darla

      Glad you are getting some inspiration here, Nancy. Yes, even a basement can be gret living space.

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