Presto Change-o, My Sofa Super Power

Sofas are peculiar things. They really only need to do one job…provide seating. But they are often the largest item in the room. But when a sofa changes house, or goes from one room to another, sometimes it doesn’t do it’s job just as well as it used to. Maybe it still provides the same amount of seating, but maybe it doesn’t look as sharp doing it.

When a perfectly good sofa goes bad, I’m not above slipcovering it. In fact, that’s usually a very reasonable measure. Take this little gem. She surely did her job well in the old house. But against this colorful wall and rug, things didn’t look quite right. Things were a bit too jazzy for most folks.

But a little tuck and fluff, and this “new” sofa anchors the space.

In a pinch, the old pillows can add a lively touch. Or any new pillow can stand in to finish things off.

You’ve seen this sofa super power before. With the holidays coming up, if you are itching for an affordable re-do, consider slipcovering. It’s also a great way to cover pet damage.

Sofa slipcovers are available from one of my favorite made-in-USA companies SureFit. We even slipcovered a wingchair here!


Or maybe you want to take on your own slipcover pillow project with this DIY Slipcover tutorial project.

Hide holiday pillows with envelope pillow slipcovers

We added a custom slipcover for this sofa, and you would never know that it wasn’t the original!

Slipcovered sofa

If you are lucky enough to own IKEA furniture, you likely have built-in slipcover options, like my Ektorp chairs, which are slipcovered and totally washable.

Lighting updates in an old house with LED recessed lights

Are your sofa super powers showing? Do you have ideas for slipcovering something this holiday season?




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  1. Pat in SNJ

    LOL I have a lot of meetings in my livingroom and I found most people are only comfortable sitting on each end of a 3 person sofa 🙁 so I got rid of it! I have 2 wing chairs, 1 lazy boy style, 2 wonderful old wooden chairs that are so comfy and a rocking chair. Bring in dining room chairs if we need more. Works for us. Of course the middle of floor has to be clear for toddlers 🙂 and I have this neat CordaRoy ball that everyone loves. When you unzip it a bdl bed size mattress comes out-great for sleep overs. Pat in SNJ

    1. Darla

      Pat, you are brilliant! Not everyone needs a big ol’ 3 person sofa!

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