Kitchen Remodel: Trendy or Timeless?

Last week I showed off a kitchen renovation that one of my clients just completed. I’ll never pass up a chance to show off a makeover with a little blue thrown in. As you read through, can you decide if this kitchen remodel is trendy or timeless?

This was such a big transformation that you might be wondering where the heck the rest of that kitchen was in the before pictures. The short answer is that the kitchen really was half the size, because there was a wall separating it from the dining room. That made sense in the original design of this house, but since there were only two rooms on this level of the townhouse, it now seems HUGE by creating one big flowing space. Yay for open floor plans! They are definitely trendy.

Kitchen with blue island- after

Removing this wall also removed what previously seemed like a limited footprint for a dining room table. With a new circular table and plenty of space surrounding it, it just adds to the large feel of the room. You can see the wood strip where they matched the old and new floors on the right side of the photo below. Wood floors, by the way, are in high demand from home buyers because they are considered easy to care for and timeless.

dining area in new kitchen remodel

More importantly, by removing the wall, they made room for a wine cabinet. Yay! #timeless

wine cabinet in kitchen remodel

One of the most fun things about the room is the trendy navy island. It is huge and gorgeous. It’s super hard to get the color right to show you. It looks navy in these photos, but it’s actually a nice blue that isn’t too heavy. Sorry for the glare on this photo, but you can see that it’s a happy and rich blue, not dark at all.

blue kitchen island remodel

The island came pre-finished, but we matched the accent wall in the dining room to it with Sherwin Williams SW 0032 NeedlePoint Navy, which is a historic preservation designated color. You might have heard that dark colors make a room feel smaller, but you can see that a cool color like this (as opposed to a warm color) actually has the effect of pushing the wall back and making the room feel larger.

The rest of the walls were refreshed with SW 0055 Light French Gray, just the right color to set off the new cabinetry. It looks white, until you see it against the white trim and ceiling. It makes the space look huge. And don’t you love those pendant lights? They don’t scream for attention, but they definitely make a statement. Very trendy! But also? Timeless.

wall paint color for kitchen remodel


The rest of the kitchen relies on classic elements. There is a lot of white in here, which again helps make the kitchen look larger. With the cabinets, backsplash and counters all some version of white, the eye just flows through the space without much interruption.

beveled backsplash for kitchen remodel

The counter is a quartz solid surface with veins that are reminiscent of marble. The backsplash tile is beveled subway tile, just a smidge of a style upgrade from classic subway tile.

beveled subway tile for kitchen remodel

Just about anything you put on this counter is going to look great, whether it’s food or decor. Succulents are super trendy.

counter for kitchen remodel

So, how do you like this kitchen remodel? Are you liking the trend of colorful islands? Is this one to pin for your dream kitchen?

Kitchen remodel trendy or timeless


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