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Have we all had enough of hurricanes, massive fires, earthquakes, and floods? Yeah, I thought so.

Watching the news, you probably have the same thoughts I do, as my mind careens through thoughts like these…

How could so many people be affected?

How will they pick up the pieces and go on?

What if that happened to my family?

Several years ago I met up with a new company through NAPO (the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals). HomeZada is a software company that set out to make an app that helps you protect the value of your largest asset…your home and the items in it. When they first came out, the idea was intriguing, but the app wasn’t as good as it needed to be. I’ve watched over the past several years as they’ve grown the app, made it easier to use, and made it mobile-enabled. Finally, the app is so good that I’ve become a HomeZada affiliate in order to share it with you.

HomeZada home inventory app

Today, the app is really slick, and security is improved, too. It’s become the best way I know of to take a detailed home inventory and really make it work for you:

  • Keep track of home’s physical updates and values of fixed assets like appliances and light fixtures.
  • Keep track of your personal possessions and values.
  • Reduce your paper clutter by uploading receipts and other documents.
  • Never lose a warranty or manual again.
  • Be prepared with receipts and details for insurance purposes.
  • Track items and assets between multiple properties, if you own a second home.
  • Easily pass important information to new owners when you sell your home.

Why am I bringing this up? You can’t do anything to prevent hurricanes and wildfires, but you can eliminate the second disaster that occurs if you don’t have a record of what is in your home. Without a photographic record of your home and details of its contents, how much would you lose if you had to file an insurance claim?

Quick story. We had some tree damage last year. About a third of our big tree fell on our house. The insurance company couldn’t make it on site for weeks, and we’d had the tree removed by then. When the insurance company finally did get here, they were all set to blow off our claim, until they saw the photos of the tree hanging on all sides of our roof…front, back, both sides, and covering the driveway. They couldn’t dispute that our entire roof had been affected by the tree, and they ended up covering the cost for a new roof. Those pictures were worth at least $10K.

tree limb

If you close your eyes and try to inventory every single appliance, accessory, furniture item, and electronics in just one room, how much could you remember? How much would you miss?

Even if you are organized, would your organized file cabinet be any help after a fire or flood? Or do you need info about one of your homes while you are at the other house?

HomeZada gives you an easy tool to keep track of it all.

HeartWork Organzing loves Home Zada

I especially love that HomeZada is stocked with templates which make the process even easier. You don’t have to enter everything from scratch. Tell the app that you have a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house, and it starts you with a basic set of possessions in a home like yours. You save time by just filling out the details specific to your property. Upload a batch of photos to make it go even faster.

Here’s a 2 minute demo.

That would be valuable enough, but HomeZada goes a step further and gives you prompts for maintenance tasks on your home. Do you ever forget to change the air filters? Or wonder if you had the furnace serviced? Or wonder if your appliances are still under warranty? HomeZada will not only keep track of these details, but it will send you a reminder to perform maintenance at the right time.

Ever need to know what the name of the paint, tile pattern, or flooring style was when you are away from your files? It’s all accessible once you capture it in HomeZada.

And that “little” remodeling project that you’re planning? HomeZada has an entire section to help you scope, research, plan, track, and archive all the information about that project. That right there is enough to keep you sane!

It couldn’t be easier. And we want you to get the 411, so we’ve asked Beth Dodson, one of the principals of HomeZada, to explain it HomeZada even better than I can in about 30 minutes on a free webinar on 10/10 at 8 pm eastern time.

We know your time is important, so we’ll give you the important points in just 30 minutes.


(edited) You missed the live event, but we’ve got your back. Here’s the link to the recorded webinar.


If you are ready to get started, and you don’t want to wait for the free webinar, you can get your own HomeZada account started right now. 

It couldn’t be easier. DIY it, or hire HeartWork Organizing to complete your home’s inventory for you. Yes, we travel!

HomeZada is your complete digital home management solution to help you become more aware of your home, its contents, how to take care of it and how to improve it! 

HomeZada home inventory app

(edited) You missed the live event, but we’ve got your back. Here’s the link to the recorded webinar. Listen anytime.



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