To Do List Tweak- Add Action

This ONE simple tweak to your to do list might make all the difference.

To Do List Tweak- Add Action

Start each item on your to do list with an action verb.

You could jut write “garden,”

Or you could mark, “Create fairy garden with kids.”

Add action to your to do lists

Sure you might think you don’t need to add all those extra words, but in 6 months, when you come across that nearly illegible scrap of paper, which note will make more sense?

Which line on your to-do list will lead to results?

Add action to your to do lists for results

Have you ever followed up on one of your to-do list items, only to find out later that you either did the wrong thing, or you didn’t do all the things you meant to do for that item? Those action verbs give you direction. They give you focus. They give you clarity.

Adding action words to your to do list make things happen. And they don’t cost extra.

To do lists aren’t just for the boring stuff. Dream. Make. Create. Give your to do list some action verbs, and see how amazing you can become.