Laundry Room Refresh

A follower asked, “We may have the opportunity to redo our laundry room. It is very small. All we can do is paint and I’d like new shelving, in addition to replacing washer and dryer. Do you have a link to any past projects along these lines for inspiration??”

Why yes, in fact, we’ve done some really fun laundry room makeovers, like this laundry room that doubles as a mudroom.

Then there is this laundry room that’s just really an exposed closet. My apologies for the bad photography here, but I think you can still see what a difference some paint and simple baskets can make.
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One of my favorites is a laundry room in a house that we just staged. Paint, baskets, new flooring, and a fresh new curtain really made a difference here.

Laundry room organized, before:

basement laundry room organizing before


Laundry room organized, after:


Here are the changes that we made when organizing this laundry room:

  • Replaced the facing board on the left that covered the exposed piping
  • Used the existing shelves, but had a handyman build a supporting face structure to strengthen and stabilize the shelves, then painted them a strong blue to make them act as the focal point.
  • Repainted the whole room a fresh, clean, soft white.
  • Decluttered the shelves, hid the few necessities in a basket, and transferred all the soaps and cleaners to mason jars with cute labels.
  • Added a bold, graphic patterned curtain, which covered most of the window for privacy.
  • Changed out the flooring from a dark to a light color. You can just see it in the bottom right of the photo.

By far, the biggest expense in this space was the floor, and it was so worth it! Take a look at the before and after on this laundry room floor.

Laundry room floor before:

basement laundry room floor before organizing

Laundry room floor after

laundry room floor after

We didn’t go to extremes to hide the electrical panel, and the ceiling was still exposed, but these changes alone made it a lovely, bright room to spend a few moment in, and didn’t break the bank. Could we have spent more? Absolutely. But we didn’t have to.

Oh, and by the way, you might recognize the blue from the kitchen color scheme in this same home that we staged for sale. Keeping the same color scheme not only allowed us to save money, but it created a cohesive and simple color scheme for the buyers to appreciate. And appreciate it they did! This home never even made it onto the market, as it sold to the first couple who saw it the week before it was formally listed. So that goes to prove, you can have a high impact, even if you can’t change every little thing about a home. Check out the kitchen staging project by clicking here.

Kitchen redesigned staged sold with faux marble faux granite


Does this give you inspiration to take on some projects in your own home?