Do Chores, Earn Books

Last day of school, here, and I’ve got all my summer sanity supports in place, including my newest one to share with you, my free Do Chores, Earn Books printable.

Do chores, earn books

At ages 7 and 10, both of my kids are completely able to help out around the house, and lucky for me, they both love to read. We are blessed to have the sweetest little local book store right down the street. So I made them a deal that they can do extra chores each day, and I’ll buy them a book every week. Or not. Their choice.

They can chose from the “regular” chores on our Screen Time Rules chore list, or they can do something I haven’t been able to get to. So far, they’ve vacuumed the inside of the window frames, wiped down interior window sills, cleaned the glass storm doors, helped restock supplies in my office, and put together a craft cart. Hey, if these kids can build entire cities from Legos, they can certainly assemble a small Ikea item!

They can also do things like clean out my car, organize their craft closet, organize toys in the garage, wash inside doors, and yes, even wash windows! I even gave them credit for some yard work that they volunteered for at church. They get to put a sticker on each line and write down what chore they completed.

I’m going to be in hock for books by the end of the summer, but it is going to be so worth it, and I love having a reason to visit my local book seller more often! I love getting deals on Amazon, but having a local store is priceless.

How are you having your kids help you stay organized this summer? Print your free Earn Summer Books Every Week, and let your kids impress you with both their organizing skills AND their love for reading.Do chores, earn books


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