What the Heck is a Bugenberg?

Organizing? No problem. But crumbs? Crumbs have been the bane of my existence since kids. For some reason, my kids shed crumbs wherever they sit, and some places they don’t sit!

Do you have a problem with crumbs, too? I’m actually pretty lucky that other people in my house will vacuum if I give them the side-eye, but we use my heavy Electrolux vac that is going on 30 years of use. I have thrown out more cordless vacs than I can count, both mine and my clients. Cordless and Vacuum are just two things that should never, ever go together. A vacuum should be a no-nonsense powerhouse in order to do the job.

But traipsing through Bed Bath and Beyond recently (can you picture me traipsing?), I had a weak moment and picked up the adorable Crumby mini vacuum. Yes, it’s cordless, but how much battery power do you need for something that fits in the palm of your hand?

clean up with mini vac

It fits right in here at home, since it reminds me of the timers the girls use for homework. ladybug and penguin timer for organizing

When the girls saw it, they actually climbed over each other to get to it first! Look at her go!

What would you pay to have your family fight over who gets to vacuum the dining room????  It’ll cost you only $10 for one of these bugs, and be sure to use the 20% coupon, of course! Here’s a link for it on Amazon Prime.

mini vac helps keep house clean and organized

Anyone else have that constant crumby mess under the kitchen cabinets? I hate that area!!!

organize and clean kitchen with mini vacuum

The girls loved it so much, they were keeping it on the kitchen table as a centerpiece! LOL. Fortunately, we were able to negotiate a permanent new spot for the affectionately named Bugenberg. She sits just under our buffet in the dining room, ready for a quick clean up anytime.

stored mini vacuum helps organize

Bugenberg has been added as an optional chore to our Screen Time Rules list of chores, and so she gets used almost every day. We’re not crumb-free, but at least I’ve got non-whining help on a daily basis now.

Have you seen this mini vacuum in stores? Would your kids love it as much as mine do?