Label to Stay Organized

You know labels are organizing magic, right? Not only do they help other people know what the purpose of a space or thing is, they can also look pretty. But you don’t have to be a graphic designer (I’m not) to create cute labels to organize your home. And you don’t have to own a fancy label machine, either. Today, pick one area of your home that you’ve already organized that could use some better labels, and just create the labels. In the SORT and Succeed! scheme of things, labeling usually falls under the T=Tweaking step.

How to Create Labels that help you stay organized

Chalkboard labels couldn’t be easier. You can simply purchase a pack of 64 nifty chalkboard decal labels at your local office supply store or online.

You can buy the jars that are already labeled, but once you have these sticker labels, you”ll think of so many uses for them.

canisters with labels


If you are going the chalkboard route, you’ll need to know about chalk pen markers, which are the chalk equivalent of Sharpies. So much neater and more durable than actual chalk.

  • Labeling a whole shelf can also be done with chalkboard paint, as I’ve done here in the garage.

labels using chalkboard paint in garage




  • But maybe you want a bit more color in a place like the garage. Colorful paper plates are easy to customize with scrapbook paper run through your printer, and they are super easy to hang with just tacks.

garage shelf labels for organizing How to label garage shelves

  • Gingham-patterned mason jar lids are a nice, sturdy label medium. Just drill a hole and tie on with baker’s twine or fishing line.

lids are labels for garage bins


  • Cord organizing is a hassle, but you can tame those wires when you label them using bread tags from baked goods.

cord control

  • Washi tape is another favorite of mine, especially for labeling electronics. It’s less sticky than other adhesive tapes, so it’s easily removed when needed, but comes in a million pretty patterns, and is easily marked with a fine-point Sharpie or ball point pen.washi tape to label electronics


  • If you do have a label maker, I recommend always going with the larger size label tape. Brother TZ 1″ tape is a favorite of mine. You can see it from across the room. organized bathroom linen closet
  • Hang tags are another favorite. The basic version from office supply stores are great for tying to shelving and mesh bins anyplace, even inside freezers.

labels bins even in freezers

labels for freezer organizing


Laundry room organizing makeover


basement makeover- paint can organizing

Let me suggest a new set of Sharpies as your reward for getting through your chosen labeling project. I have specific uses for fine-tip, medium, retractable, and fat-tip Sharpies. I’m slowly switching over to nearly all purple ones. It’s the little things that make me happy.

If you are really inspired and want to go crazy with label options, check out my favorite label maker and  my beautiful label kit here. It’s a bit much for most people, but if you really want your organizing efforts to be respected and easily maintained by other people in your home and office, taking the time to beautifully label them will definitely help you.