The Brilliant Toy Organizer You Aren’t Using (Yet)

The Brilliant Toy Organizer You Aren't Using Yet

Plagued by rogue toy sets? Plastic bags are not the answer. They tear, are a health hazard, and are hard for little hands to close.

We like these fine mesh laundry bags from IKEA for keeping collections like our wooden castle building set all in one place. Little fingers can easily close the zipper. Everyone can see what’s inside. It’s easy to take out just that set, play, and throw the whole thing back in the toy bin, which is what we do. These bags are surprisingly strong. We haven’t had one tear yet. I mean, they are made to take a beating in the washer.

fine mesh laundry bags to organize toys

Also, the fine mesh makes it great for even small pieces like Lego. And let’s face it, isn’t that the lowest common denominator in organizing toys?

They come as a set of white and black bags at IKEA, and I can’t remember what I paid, but it’s probably just around $5. But I did find these pretty fine mesh bags in color on Amazon.

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