Organizing/Organising Across the World: Be Kind To Yourself with Declutter Life from Sydney


eclutter life- Danielle Atkins, Sydney AustraliaI’ve been holding out on you. My friend Danielle Atkins from Declutter Life shot some quick videos with me when I visited Sydney, Australia. We kept them to about 3 minutes, with a focus on you and what you might get from working with a Professional Organizer. She has a pretty amazing background, working as a project manager during the Ebola crisis in Africa. If she can help millions through that mess, you know she’s got some gems of wisdom for you and how to balance it all.

I’d love to know what you take away from this lovely lady!

By the way, how are you doing with your New Year’s organizing resolutions? I’ve freshened up my home page with all of the 31 January organizing articles all in one place for you. There’s tips on everything from organizing your purse to the junk drawer to organizing your time and energy. Pop over and see what you might have missed.

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