31 Days of Organizing (New Year’s Resolutions for Organizing)

The new year is a popular time for resolutions, and getting organized is usually in the top 3 somewhere. That’s no news to you, since you probably found this article by searching online for something like, “how to get organized at home.” But it’s not just your stuff that needs organizing. Your stuff relates to your time, and they both relate to the papers and online information in your life, as well. How about we look at getting organized in all three areas, space, time and information? And heck, while we’re at it, how about not getting disorganized in the first place? And how about having realistic expectations for what being organized at home and organized at work looks like and feels like?

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Nearly every day in January we have a new article to help you with organizing. Some are basic skills that you can knock out in less than 15 minutes, some are easy home maintenance items, and some are insights I hope will lead you to make deeper, lasting changes in your life. Some have free printables, so be sure to print those out, tape or pin them to where you’ll see them every day, and give yourself a head start each day by being reminded of your good intentions. You can find all of this year’s January organizing projects here, all in one place, updated daily.

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