4 Apps to Organize Your Purse

Helping a client to organize her purse recently, I found there’s an app for that. Well, more specifically, a few apps to replace the stuff that gathers in your purse.

4 apps to organize your purse

  1. I’ve talked about Keyring before, but I can’t recommend it enough. It lets you scan the barcodes on all those shoppers club cards and put them right into your phone. Leave the physical copy at home, and lighten the load from your keyring and your wallet.
  2. Free magnifying apps work for anyone, even if you aren’t over 40, allowing you to magnify and light up menus in a dark restaurant or other small print. Ditch that scratched, heavy plastic magnifying glass that hides somewhere at the bottom of your purse.
  3. Speaking of seeing things, if you are still carrying a vanity mirror in your purse, toss it now! That camera on your smartphone? Flip it to the front camera and, voila!- you have a mirror to reapply your lipstick.
  4. Other people’s business cards are just annoying in your purse, even if you love the person.How to get them off paper and into your phone, where you might actually call them? Scannable. It’s a nifty little app that lets you scan a card and drop it right into the contacts app on your phone. It works best with Evernote (which I love), but it also works without it.

Are you using an app to replace clutter and organize your purse?

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  1. Susan M Hurd

    Great ideas! My husband has been trying to get rid of all the extra cards in his wallet. We’ll try the apps. 😀

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