Junk Drawer Organizing Bliss – Out of the Box

Junk drawers are my thing. Instant satisfaction. Organizing bliss. 15 minutes or less. What could be better?

junk drawer organizing bliss

Here’s a typical cluttered junk drawer before. junk drawer before

Paper, batteries, Post-It Notes, pens, disks and even candy. This drawer has a little of everything going on. Interestingly, it might not look too bad from the top, because you can only really see two things on top, and that’s two big packs of batteries, hiding everything else in the drawer.

This is another great example of the 5 step SORT and Succeed! system in action. Click to get a free printable that outlines the steps.

You might be expecting a nice, neat grid of compartments in the after picture. But what makes me even happier is using things that my clients already own, especially if they are beautiful. This particular client has a large collection of handmade wooden boxes and caddies. The smaller ones are just the right size to sit in the drawer. It made me so, so very happy to use these in her drawer, where she can see them every day.

Here’s the beautiful organized junk drawer after:junk drawer before


Where did the batteries go? I didn’t snap a pic, but we used a larger version of this type of caddy, with several compartments, to hold the batteries, and they are sitting behind her on the shelf. You always want to put the things you use more often (clips, post-its, and checkbook) closer to you. The things you use less often can be further away from your immediate workspace.

The fun part of this particular organizing is that this gal is in the middle of a move, and she’ll be using a different desk in her new home. That desk doesn’t really have any drawers, but she has plenty of shelves near her desk. She’s now all ready to pack up and move, and she can set these pretty containers right on her shelf, and she’ll be organized as soon as she moves in.

If you came here looking for practical organizing tips that don’t involve adding more plastic bins to your life and doesn’t make you feel all square, does this give you inspiration?