Organizing Your Purse {SORT and Succeed}

This one never gets old. Organizing is purse is a daily and perpetual organizing opportunity.

Because when your purse is organized, life is just easier.

Recently a client burst out and said, “I have to get this under control!” Here’s what it looked like on her couch, but it looked pretty much the same inside her purse…chaos.


This was actually kind of crazy, since her first goal in working with me was to get her money, finances, and cash organized.

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Oprah gets credit for teaching me that your money will have a hard time respecting you if you don’t respect it. From a young age, I’ve always kept paper money facing the same way, organized from ones, to fives, to tens, then twenties, inside my wallet. It may sound a little new-agey, but I believe there is, in fact, power in the way we keep our things, especially money. So this pile of cash, all mixed in with notes and bills and purse things is not a happy pile, even though it was a Lot of money. There ended up being several hundred dollars running wild in here.

The secret weapon to organizing a big, dark purse may well be pouches. Lots of pouches, each with their own type of item inside.

So, if this is the inside of your purse, here are the steps to organize it.

Each week or so, go through your purse, and re-capture any items that have gotten loose:

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes. You shouldn’t need more than that if you do this weekly.
  • Put your receipts together in a pretty zipper folder and catch up on tracking your spending.
  • Organize all your currency bills, from $1-$100, and remove the excess above $200, storing it in a drawer at home or depositing it directly into the bank.
  • Remove loose change!!!!  (Don’t let the pennies weigh you down when you are really after the hundreds!)
  • Pare down your cosmetics.
  • Consolidate mints and gum.
  • Go through your keys and remove anything you don’t need daily.
  • Refill your meds and get rid of any extra containers
  • Refill your business card case (Rule #1 if you own a business: Never leave the house without business cards.)
  • Remove receipts and other papers. Toss what you can, file most of it at home.
  • Refresh all of your small zipper pouches and glasses case (bathroom, pens, cosmetics, etc).
  • Remove any gift cards that have no value.
  • *Tweak by removing anything that you haven’t used in the last 3-4 weeks.

If you do these steps often, say once a week or so, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. You’ll notice that we are still doing the same SORT and Succeed! steps that we’ve been talking about.

You’ll always know that you have enough money for gas.

You’ll always have your favorite lipstick.

You’ll always know where your shopping list is, and you won’t have to keep running to the store for things you forgot.

You’ll always have a working pair of sunglasses that isn’t scratched.

Did you SUCCEED at organizing your purse in just a few minutes? Of course you did! Doesn’t that make you feel in control?


Let’s celebrate by doing the happy dance.Besides organizing the junk drawer, organizing your purse is one of my favorite, quick, and high-payoff projects. Do you love it as much as I do?

Organize your Purse