Containers Are the Clutter

Going through my pictures the other day, I noticed a theme of how many times we see the containers that we’ve organized at the end of an organizing session, and realize that the bins, boxes and baskets are, in fact, a big part of the clutter solution. Just in case you think more storage gadgets are the answer to the clutter problem, I give you these.


baskets as clutter

bins as clutter

bins as clutter

boxes are the clutter

organizing containers are the clutter

Yep, all empty. Before we organized, they all had one or two things in them, or things that got thrown out when we decluttered.

If you feel like you are climbing the walls, and overcome by clutter, chances are that you might need to STOP bringing in boxes, bins and baskets.

Do these pictures help you decide if your containers are a big part of your clutter?

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