How to Get Organized in 2017

Happy New Year. Let’s start there. My wish for you is always peace and purpose. In January there is huge social and internal pressure to make good. Be better. Improve in some meaningful way. Do something big.

How to Get Organized Tips

As your professional organizer, I’m honored to be part of what you are making of your life, even if we’ve never met in person. All year long, I get to hear your stories and help you with the changes you are making.

Maybe it will help you to know that most of my clients and friends have some version of the big three goals at this time of year:

  • Get fit/ lose weight
  • Save money
  • Get organized

If this is you, then you’re in luck, because getting organized can actually help you achieve the other two!

Think about it. If you get organized, you can find your workout gear. You can make time to get to the gym. You can make space at home to do an exercising app on that yoga mat you forgot you owned.

If you get organized, you can make use of the food you buy, throwing less away. You can organize meals a day ahead, so you eat more nutritiously. You can avoid heading out for expensive takeout meals.

If you get organized, you can really look at and get your compulsive spending under control, so you have money to finally join a gym. You can save for that vacation that has you walking on the beach and hiking in the mountains. You can finally ask your company’s human resources department to start or increase your 401K contributions, so you worry less about the future.

If you get organized, you can stop re-buying those items that you lose in the clutter in the garage. You can find the poster board/knee pads/lacrosse jersey/birthday presents that your kids need when they need them.

If you get organized, you can make time to see the doctor about that thing that’s been bothering you. You can finally schedule that mammogram. You can join a social group that keeps you sane as a reward for getting your organizing projects done!

So for 2017, say goodbye to the guilt and pressure of perfection. Do something that inspires you, whether that is picking a word of the year, starting up with a new calendar, committing to an uplifting project like Habitat for Humanity, or completing your own personal business plan in less than an hour.

I’ll go out on a limb and let you know that I’ve been working on my second book for you, and it’s called SORT and Succeed. It will be available this month, and it will provide a 5-step process that I use with every client. You can use this system at home, wherever you are in the world, and you can start expertly organizing in the next hour. Coming soon!

Until then, please hop over and join my FREE organizing support group for Clutter-Free Living. Jump in right away and let us know what your organizing goals are.

Because whether your goals are in the top 3 above, or you have something special in mind, 2017 can and will absolutely be amazing!

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Do you have an organizing goal for 2017? Please share in the comments below.