Two Gift Wrap Organizing Tips

Gift wrap. Wrapping paper. Whatever you call it, it can be a bear to keep organized. We worked with a client just recently who had over 50 rolls, and counting. At just $3 per roll, that’s a lot of money tied up in something that wasn’t getting used, and was, in fact, getting damaged in the overstuffed storage room. So today’s organizing tips are for those of you who are looking for extra space in your home. Head to where you store your gift wrap, and consider these two organizing tips for wrapping paper.

Tip 1 for Organizing Gift Wrapping Paper:

Choose wisely. It’s possible to go with just a few high-quality rolls of patterns that cover you for most occasions. Right now, I have just three rolls in my stash, and they all could be used for just about any occasion, including kid birthdays, adult birthdays, shower gifts, and holiday gifts. Just add a pretty ribbon, and you are good to go. They are nice and thick, and are lovely to work with.

how to organize gift wrap

Tip 2 for Organizing Gift Wrapping Paper

There are plenty of suitcase-types of storage cases for gift wrap, but without fail, I find that clients overload them and crush the gift wrap. In many cases, if the gift wrap container is a bin or a suitcase-style holder, people can’t see it, and they just plain forget that they have it. Instead, I recommend using a common trash can or laundry hamper, one that is taller than it is wide, and keeping the rolls standing up in these bins. You are much more likely to see what you have, and use it up. You are also much less likely to lay something on top of the rolls and crush them. (Notice the two bins of ribbon rolls. Yeah, she’s not buying ribbon for the moment.)

organizing gift wrap paperYou can find more ideas on how to organize gift wrap and bows here.

Need even more ideas? I’ll throw in a third idea for organizing gift wrapping paper, just click on the quick 2 minute video below.