Gone to the Dogs

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Are we all doggone tired of this week? My week definitely went to the dogs, and I couldn’t have needed it more! In preparation for the National Dog Show happening November 19 & 20 in Oaks, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, we were treated to some warm noses and tail waggin’ at PetPlan’s headquarters in Newtown Square.


The National Dog Show hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia is a fun family outing, and right in our back yard. I took the kids when they were still in strollers, and maybe that’s why I have two dog lovers, when I’ve tried my best to raise them to be cat people.

There’s no denying the squeezability of the therapy dogs that I met this week. The smallest of the therapy dogs, Willow and Xena, had the biggest personalities.


And the largest of the therapy dogs, from the Dogues de Bordeaux breed, might look like a handful, but they are about as laid back as they come. (You might remember that I have a soft spot for really big dogs, like my Saint Bernard.)


All of these dogs are part of the National Dog Show therapy dog ambassador team, and they spend their time here at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald house, making it feel more like home for the kids getting medical treatment and their families.


If you go to the National Dog Show, you’ll see two of the three new breeds being formally introduced this year. The American Hairless Terrier was a surprisingly good looking dog. If you have allergies or an aversion to dog hair or lint brushes, this might be the dog for you.


The Pumi was one of the most friendly dogs I’ve met. (Photo credit to Deb Putter Photography.)


The third dog, the Sloughi, is rare enough that there aren’t any in America just yet.

A big thanks to PetPlan Insurance for hosting this get together. They’ve spent the last ten years growing the business of pet insurance. Their offices are as much fun as a romp in the park. In fact, it feels like a park, with the fun slide that we got to test-slide. It was the easiest $100 I made all week, as each slide helped to raise $2,000 for the Ronald McDonald house. (Photo credit to Deb Putter Photography.)


The luncheon was chock full of yummy human treats, including hush puppies, paw print shaped cookies, and chocolate “bark”.


I’m planning on taking my little dog lover to the show, even though I know it’ll cause much grief and renewed pleas for a family pet. Wish me luck, and if you go, I hope you’ll sniff us out.



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