How to Organize Plastic Bags

Organize plastic grocery bags in a kitchen

Folks have been surprised to learn that I have a bag of bags. In fact, almost everyone I know does. Even more true, most of us have a pile of plastic bags…or maybe a mountain of plastic bags. Here’s my favorite 3-minute solution on how to contain those grocery store plastic bags so they are saving space, and so they can be used again.

By the way, if you go looking for these at IKEA, they’ve changed the name again, and you can now look for the “Variera” in the kitchen section.

Would this solution to organize plastic bags work for you?


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  1. Pam Holland

    Chuckle chuckle! I tried to use this for plastic bags but it wouldn’t fit in my small cabinet so now I use it for rags in my laundry room. I bet it could be used for lots of things! Thanks for some great tips. Pam Holland

    1. Darla

      Same here, Pam. I have one place where the plastic holder won’t stand up, so I lay it down in the cabinet on the flat back, and it works even better!

  2. Ellin Hlebik

    We recycle plastic bags at the grocery store.

    We re use empty birdseed bags and empty water softener solar salt bags for cat litter when we clean our cat litter boxes. .

    We use re usable nylon and thin cloth bags for grocery shopping and errands.
    We keep those in our cars.

    Ellin Hlebik

    1. Darla

      Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. annfoerster

    Easy and cheap: I use an attractive shopping bag, about $1 or $2 in many stores attached with an attractive hook attached to the back ofthe laundry door. Stuff away before taking to recycling.

    1. Darla

      Good for you, recycling the bags. Most people don’t even know you can do that, or they think they can put in with household recycling, which you can’t do in most places. I used to use the “bag of bags” method myself, but I’ve found this silly little IKEA item holds 2-4 times more bags, and they never escape the holder like they tend to do from other bags. THANKS for stopping by!

  4. Kim Weber

    I have a 2 gallon Ball jar that I put mine into. I use them for garbage and when we moved I used them to pack my glass stuff in.

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