Home Office For Franchise Executive- Just Between Friends Philly

You normally don’t get the chance to learn directly from the people I work with, because I adhere to confidentiality standards and a Code of Ethics with all of my clients. But every now and then, someone likes to come out behind their organizing clutter and share their story. One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Tracy Panase, is the highly successful owner of the Just Between Friends Philly/Reading/Lancaster franchise. You’ve seen me sing praises for JBF here in the past.

Tracy has a gorgeous home office. Most people would think that it’s pretty organized. But this home office proves once again that we all have little areas  where we can improve, and it could make a big difference if to a small business.

Would you believe that we organized 3 spaces for this small business in about 3 hours?

What could you accomplish in your home-based business if you were more organized?

Here is the main storage closet before:

Home Office for Franchise Executive (4)

The first step was to work left-to-right and sort through the items that were in the closet.


home office for franchise owner, storage closet organizing

Once we reclaimed the space, we were able to re-load it, designating this closet for items that are mostly needed at the twice-yearly JBF consignment sales.

organized closet for home office for franchise owner


Then we turned our attention to the supply closet, shown here as the before…

supply closet for home office

Again, working through my much-loved 5-step SPACE system, we had this lovely supply closet whipped into shape in no time.

labeled storage closet for franchise owner home office

The big, bright, readable labels are really the key to keeping this space organized going forward.

labels for storage closet in home office

Yes, we could make it “Pinterest pretty”, but that might not make it any more functional. And since we only used storage bins that she already owned, she saved money too.

Honestly, my favorite part of this day;s work might have been this picture. It was just on the floor when we arrived, but by hanging it above the door on the inside of the closet, it now gets protected and gets to be admired. Isn’t it fun to decorate spaces like the inside of a closet?

franchise owners home office closet decorations

Normally this would be it, but Tracy graciously agreed to give you a personal tour, and let you in on why this organizing effort will do for her business. Take it away, Tracy…


The JBF Sales for fall 2016 start in September. Mark your calendars with the Just Between Friends dates forReading arting Septemr 8,  Philly/Oaks starting Sept 21, and Lancaster starting October 6.

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