Five Essential Organizing Plans for Back to School

Summer isn’t over yet where we are, but it may be getting close for you. Some midwestern schools start in early August. Do you have a back to school organizing routine for the kids? Check out these five back to school organizing plans to get ready this year.

Five things to do for Back to School

I love to start the fall with new school supplies. I know for a fact that I’m not alone in loving the look, feel and smell of new office supplies. There’s just something special about a virgin pack of Post-It Notes and adorable mini-supplies like those above. The last few years, one of the best things technology has done for us is the introduction of a school-wide grade-specific supply list on the district website. If your school district doesn’t have supplies posted online, you can start with a basic list, like suggested school supply lists posted on Amazon.

School shoes are next on my list. My kids might be able to wear their summer clothes a bit longer, but they need to have shoes that fit, for sure. Non-marking, closed-toe, God forbid they be the wrong color or style, new shoes are a must.

School clothes are next on the list, but since the weather doesn’t change the moment school starts, I don’t worry about stocking up on kids clothes until the fall consignment sales start in my area. Have you heard about Just Between Friends consignment sales? You have got to check it out!

Hair cuts. Everybody and their brother are getting haircuts right before school starts, so it might be wise to plan to wait in line. After all, the kid is making a first impression with new teachers, and we all know you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Update the Mom Binder. The minute school starts, and even before in some cases, the deluge of papers from school begins. We help parents keep sane and organized with a simple Mom Binder that usually sits in the kitchen or home office. With magical pocket dividers, you never have to look for a 3-hole punch, and all your phone numbers and permission slips are all in one place. This has been a sanity saver for so many parents. Click over here to see the Mom Binder how-to and the Mom-Binder Update process. With a Mom Binder, you can kiss that pile on the counter goodbye for real!

school binder eliminates paper piles

What other must-do’s are on your list for back to school? How do you help your kids get organized as we head towards fall?