The Longest Day: Quick Garage Organizing Tip

We’ve started a 10-week summer organizing challenge in my Clutter-Free Facebook group. You can join us if you’d like by clicking here. Today is a good day to do it, the first day of summer, since you’ll feel so good having your garage organized and everything easy to get to for the entire rest of the season.

Yes, I know it’s hot today. That’s why you’ve got the whole week to work on this. And that’s why, if you are in a part of the country where they are setting records for heat, you can be working on a shed, car, or mudroom, or swap with one of the other 9 projects planned for our challenge.

Just a quick tip as you are starting to work on your garage. Recoup as much value as you can from old sports equipment. Last week, I took in 2 pair of outgrown skates to our local Play It Again Sports franchise.

how to organize the garage

They gave me FIVE SMAKEROOS for these used skates. Woohoo! That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s waaaaayyyyyy better than tripping over them one more time. It’s probably what I paid for one paid (at the same store) when I bought them. And it just might buy ice cream.

consignment payment for organizing sports gear

The whole process is really easy.

  1. Find unused sports gear.
  2. *******   Place in the car. This step is really, really, really, really important. It’s the reason most people never make it to the next step.
  3. Stop at Play It Again Sports (or your local sports consignment store).
  4. TAKE THE OFFER they give you. DO NOT put these things back in your car.

Seriously, the longer you hang onto something, the less valuable it becomes, all the way down to $0 when a mouse decides to make that skate its new home. As soon as you or your kiddos outgrow or stop using things, pass them on, whether it’s by donating, gifting it to friends, or consigning.

What are you finding in your garage that might bring in some cash? Want to find out what others in our Clutter-Free group are finding and how they are getting organized? Join us here.