2016 Summer Declutter 10 Week Challenge

Ready for summer? I am! The lazy, carefree days. The endless curiosity of children who would rather be outside, reading at the base of a friendly tree. The house that maintains itself… Yeah, that’s not my reality, either. I’ve still got to get stuff done, and eventually be ready to send the kids back to school in the fall. You can join me and get 10 organizing projects done with our 2016 Summer Declutter- 10 Week Challenge.

10 week organizing challenge

Our challenge starts this upcoming weekend with the garage. Not everyone has a garage, so feel free instead to organize your shed, mudroom or car.

At the start of each weekend, I’ll pop into our free private Clutter-free Facebook group and remind you which challenge project is scheduled for the upcoming week. You get to chime in with pictures, questions, and encouragement for other group members. Just click the link above to request access.

There’s no fee, no guilt, and nothing to buy! I will offer articles, advice, and tips on that topic each week. And I’ll be around each week to personally answer questions and help you out.

I have been known to offer prizes if you make me laugh or share something amazing. And I’d love to feature some of the best projects in a blog post in the fall, with your permission. Wouldn’t your garage/craft room/closet love to be famous?

Many group members have participated before. When we’ve done this in the past, we’ve had a good laugh at ourselves and gotten to know each other, even learning from our friends as far away as Malaysia and Australia. If you thought clutter is an American-only thing, you’ll learn that it’s not. New members join every single week, and we’d love to have you join.

Here’s the list of projects and dates. If you’ll be on vacation or just want to give yourself a week off, be my guest. Or you can work ahead, as needed. If you really need to tackle a project that we aren’t covering, please swap it for something on the schedule.

1. -June 18- Garage/shed/mudroom/car
2. -June 25- Kids artwork/craft space
3. -July 2- Bedrooms
4. – July 9- Closets/dressers/shoes
5. -July 16- Medicine cabinet/cosmetics/bathroom closet
6. -July 23- Gadgets/electronics
7. -July 30-  Home office
8. -August 6- Pantry/kitchen
9. -August 13- Photos
10. -August 20- Family room

If you need a written reminder of our weeks, feel free to use my Summer Camp Schedule printable (blank calendar pages for June, July and August) to help you plan out your projects.

You’ll have the entire week before Labor Day to rest or get caught up.

So who is in???? Pin this to share with your friends, and click to join the Clutter-Free Living group today!

10 week organizing challenge