Organize Your Vacation Packing

My friends are already starting to leave for summer vacation travels, and they’ve been asking me for my strategies, so I wanted to get them out to YOU before you go.

Organize Your Vacation Packing (how to travel light)

But first, this:

packing women vs men

Yes, generalization, but there is some truth also?

Packing for everyone in the family?

Stop it right now. Just stop.

Use this handy packing list for kids from An Upstream Life to get the kiddos into the act. No, they won’t do it perfectly. Yes, you will have to repack anyway. But they can start by laying out their items on their bed. You are teaching them a life skill. You will probably learn about their favorite items. And you are getting a 10 minute head start to pack your own things!

Packing List for kids

Need more room? Stop using Space Bags.

I know, it sounds crazy to add more luggage to your luggage, but I found a better way. No more rolling, squeezing, and laying on top of your bag to get more in. This really works!  Professional organizers like me love cool travel tools like packing cubes, so much better than packing in plastic bags. See why.

Finally, pack smarter with Evernote.

People are always asking me how they can more comfortable with using this awesome tool, and packing lists are a great and simple way to use it. The next time you pack for a trip, make a list of what you pack. Then the next time you travel, you can just search Evernote for your list, even if you forgot what you called it, using any reasonable word that comes to mind, even if it’s something goofy like deodorant, and you’ll cut your packing time in half! Make an Evernote Notebook just for packing, and you can have a note inside for winter and one for summer. One note for each person in your family. One note for each home you own. One note for solo trips and one for family trips. You get the idea. Document how you did it the last time, and suddenly you have a whole “process” or “system”, which is what we organizers are always trying to build to save you (and us!) time. Here’s my list of toiletries and where I pack them (in my purse, in a separate liquids bag, or in my main suitcase) so that I can sail through TSA lines.

packing list for carryon

There are lots of ways to save space and time when you are packing, and I gather them up and save them on my Pinterest board for packing lists. Please head over and follow it to learn what I learn about the best packing tips, including how I traveled to Paris for 3 weeks with only one carry-on bag.

Bon voyage!