Get Every Last Drop – and Organize the Bathroom

We have so many things we don’t really need, but it’s fun to find something you truly need and didn’t know about until just this minute, like this makeup spatula that helps you get every drop from your beauty jars and tubes.

mini spatula to organize the bathroom

I saw this over a year ago, and finally decided to splurge at the Container Store, but you can also add one to your next Amazon order. You remember my rule about trying not to buy gadgets unless I really, really think they’ll be useful, like my collapsible whisk.

The concept is simple. Get Every. Last. Drop of that expensive cream or color before you toss the tube or jar.

It’s one of the few times in life when hitting bottom is a really good thing.

When an ounce or less of eye cream can cost between $30 and $100, you can save quite a bit of money each year. Then recycle the jar, cut the clutter, and end up with a more organized bathroom! See how easy it is with my corny in-bathroom demo.