Faux Granite Counter Update: 3 Years Later

One of my favorite home improvements I’ve ever done is my faux granite kitchen counters from EZ Faux Decor (Formerly EZ Instant Makeover).

Faux Granitef rom EZ Faux Decor- how mine is holding up after 3 years


If you saw my earlier posts updating laminate counters with faux granite, you would have seen two beautiful kitchen updates, and one of them was mine with new faux granite. I was able to make four installation videos for the company, because I really felt like more people would do this upgrade if they could see how to do it. But that was 3 years ago, so I prepared this video to show you how it’s holding up.


As you can see, I’m really happy with my faux Granite from EZ Faux Decor. And don’t forget, they also have stainless film so you can get that new “stainless” dishwasher for only a few bucks.

Update: As of 10/2017, get 10% off your purchase with the promo code: HW10 at checkout.

EZ Faux Decor Stainless Film for Dishwasher


If you want the nitty gritty on how to install this great product, go here, to the 4 installation videos that provide all the tricks you’ll need to get great results.

I’d love to hear about your experience with faux granite, whether it’s from EZ Faux Decor or not.

Remember, use the code HW10 at checkout from EZ Faux Decor, and get 10% off.