Basement Makeover Part 2: Storage & Powder Room

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite finished spaces with you; a gorgeous basement renovation that everyone wants to spend time in. But I just didn’t have time to show you the basement powder room and storage spaces, which are just as nice as the rest of the space.

Want a reminder of the space before? This little powder room is tucked in only about 6 feet underneath and alongside the stairs, right up to that stinkin’ pole. But don’t worry, it all works out in the end.

Basement makeover before -bathroom

Did you notice the tile behind the kitchenette? It’s the same tile we used in the bathroom, complimented with glass tiles above. Tile is often the detail that takes a space from nice to WOW. This was a tiny bit of a splurge, but in a small bathroom like this, it will also hold up much better than a painted wall. And isn’t it just gorgeous?

basement bathroom tile

There’s a little story behind this vanity, too. The contractor called to tell me we had to have a pedestal sink here because of the tight space, but I happen to dislike pedestal sinks because there is absolutely no storage in them. Here, I opted for a very small vanity set because it offers tons of storage in just 15″, and it’s a bit modern without being crazy. Remember, this is a teen space, so I wanted it to be pretty and durable, a bit upscale, and not quite as traditional as the rest of the house. I absolutely adore this vanity and tile together. The single color palate also works to keep the small space feeling larger than it is.

basement bathroom tile and sink

I managed not to get a picture of the toilet, but its only claim to fame is that it’s touchless flush. For a germophobe, it’s amazing! For the rest of you, it’s just cool.But who cares about the toilet? Just look at that beautiful tile! Sorry, my pictures are not doing this beautiful colorful glass tile any justice at all.

Then there’s that storage space that I held out for in the very back of the room. Remember those double doors behind the sofa?

basement sofa and living area

I knew the family would appreciate having a huge space to store their seasonal decorations. We went back and forth about whether to build in custom shelving, but in the end, I chose not to. We actually have better use of the space by stacking uniform bins on each other. I can’t believe I forgot to take a wide shot of it, but here are the Christmas and holiday decorations, all stored neatly in new bins that are easy to carry and easy to repack and stack each season.

basement makeover- holiday decorations organizing

It’s even large enough to neatly store all the leftover paint, and still have room to walk around and get to the utilities when needed. Built in storage actually would have been a waste of space for this family, since we need to store big bins, a huge Christmas tree, and smaller cans of paint. Instead, we have a mix of storage, and everything fits with plenty of room to spare.

basment makeover- paint organizing

Most importantly, all of the areas where there was water have been cleared up. They were professionally wateproofed, and we separated the HVAC from the media closet, both to best utilize the space, and also to keep the media cabinet cooled and dust-free.

basement storage organized

Here’s a larger picture of two of the three finished storage spaces. The bathroom is the door on the left. The media storage is through the double doors on the right. The heater and A/C are in the door all the way to the back of this picture, which you pass as you head up the stairs.

Basement makeover far view after (3)

So, no matter how pretty it is, a renovation isn’t a success in my eyes unless it provides plenty of storage, both in the room, and in the storage areas. How do you think we did in providing enough storage space in this basement renovation? Click back to the full article describing the living space in this basement makeover from cellar-to-media room.