Furniture Flip: Nightstand with Modern Masters

Ever get your hands on something and think, I should make something from that? It happens to me All. The. Time. Yes, I know I’m not alone! Case in point: this furniture flip nightstand.

Furniture flip nightstand with Modern Masters paint

One of our staging customers outfitted their dining room with a beautiful table from Wayfair, but when it arrived, one of the pedestals was damaged. As I’ve said before, damage and order issues are never the end of the story. My experience with Wayfair has been great, and we were able to get a replacement pedestal shipped in and installed pretty quickly. The repair guy was ready to chuck this piece as a courtesy to me, but something in me whispered, “noooo.”

furniture flp nightstand from broken dining table

This was at just before we started on the room makeover for my little girl, so this piece sat in the garage for a few weeks. But then, just as things were coming together, I thought why not marry all these great ideas I’ve been working with?

You already saw the striped wall using Modern Masters metallic paint in Pink Pearl. It adds a little oh-la-la to this Parisian-themed makeover.The darker stripes and the picture frame are both in Modern Masters metallic. You can see that when the light hits it, it’s just a bit reflective, but not too much.

Modern masters Paint stripes

I loved the paint on the walls, and so I imagined also using it here on this pedestal.

broken table pedestal

First I had to fix the damage, which I did with just a few coats of my favorite spackle ever. I can’t quite explain why this stuff is so great. It’s just the right weight and density, and trust me, I’ve just about tried all the spackles out there.

3M Patch plus primer for furniture flip

I had the big idea to fabricate a galvanized metal top into a zinc-look top with Amy Howard Home, maybe building it up a bit to add storage, but I ran up against a deadline and needed her done right away. I’ll get my hands on that Amy Howard magic for some other project.

You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention. Well, my under-deadline brain went from zero-to-overdrive that day, and it just so happened that I already owned the perfect top for this little nightstand…a table top cake stand. It fit right over the top like it was made for this, and the little girl went completely starry-eyed at all the pretty “jewels”.

cake stand-to- nightstand

Unfortunately for us, the SmartStuff nightstand that goes with this beautiful Bellamy bed was just a smidge too wide for the small space.

furniture flip nightstand

Fortunately for us, we had Modern Masters in our back pocket, and a scratch-and-dent dining room table part about to have a fateful meeting with a cake stand.

nightstand furniture flip

We love it, and it’s just the perfect spot for a little princess to rest her jewels at night.

nightstand makeover with Modern Masters paint

I hope this inspires you to look at those cast-offs differently, and to complete a few of your in-progress projects. Maybe all they need is a little shine and glam from Modern Masters!

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  1. Barbarawendel

    Just darling.

  2. Donna

    Love this. It is beautiful!

  3. barbara

    We just did a Parisian inspired bedroom too. So fun!! How lucky that you had the perfect sized cake plate to use. Looks beautiful. Charming.

    1. Darla

      Thanks. I’d love to see your makeover. This is the essence of my m.o.: start with what you have.

  4. Colette

    Wonderful 💖

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