Organized Garages {Or, How Not to Have Snow Cone on Wheels}

Sigh. More snow. Not everyone owns a garage. But if you do own one, and if your car looks more like a snow cone on wheels this winter just because your garage is too cluttered to put your car in, then I want to offer this inspiration. It’s a little retrospective of the garages we’ve organized over the years. Maybe it will inspire you to take action.

When it comes to garage organizing, one-size does not fit all.

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This garage was featured in PhillyHome magazine a few years back. The new shelving, sports storage, mudroom locker system from Ballard Designs, and even a potting bench make this garage a winner.

 organized garage

organized garage

organized garage

This 2-car garage could barely take in one car before:

GArage before 004 GArage before 005














Some simple hooks and my favorite shelving system get everything off the floor:

organized garage tools

organized garage shelves

This garage didn’t have a lot in it, so a simple shelving system fit the bill. But installing on a cinder block wall requires special tools. We also added the rolling trays for heavy planters.

organizing garage with simple shelf system on cinderblock wall


This garage had a partial system installed, but it wasn’t maximized before:

getting things up off the floor in an organized garageAfter, everything is up off the floor. The bikes are hung for easy access, and the truck still fits just fine.

Organized garage with Rubbermaid

Sorry for the fuzzy shot here, but I wanted to show the basket system on this Rubbermaid system. Also, hanging art in the garage is one of my favorite things to do.

organizing a garage with a wall system


This slat wall organizing system is a luxury.


organized garage with slatwall system

Sorry for the reversed angle here. You can see why I had a hard time getting pictures of the before:

cluttered garageBut the after left a clear space to get to everything. I love that we can now get to all the extension cords here.

tools stored in an organized garagetools in an organized garage


Are you curious what my garage looks like? Well, we are limited by the fact that we have terracotta tile construction. Yeah, I didn’t know that existed either, before:

organized garage with terra cotta tile constructionWe made do for a while, but eventually came up with the right custom solution for us. Definitely not a DIY solution. This involved real construction. It’s basically a multi-level loft, and you can have a tour below.


 What’s the best garage organizing solution for you?

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  1. Kirsten


    Thank you for the wonderful photos and inspiration. In one of the photos there are some rolling trays for heavy planters; can you please tell me what kind of store would sell this sort of thing?

    Many thanks!
    – Kirsten

    1. Darla

      Hi, Kirsten. Those plant dollies are usually available at any big box hardware store, but they might be a seasonal item. Best wishes.

      1. Kirsten

        Thank you, Darla. I’ll check out one of those stores in my area.

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