Big Girl Room Redesign

Happy New Year. Surveys say that the top resolutions will be to lose weight, save money, and get organized. But wait…getting organized can help you get fit and save money. That’s a three-fer. I’d love to help you get organized this year. You can come join our free Clutter-Free Facebook Group (click here) and work with other clutter-free seekers as we de-clutter our lives one step at a time.

But you have heard me say, I’m sure, that getting organized isn’t really the goal. The goal is ALWAYS something different. Whatever your goal is, it’s more than the sum total of hours you spend sorting socks, purging closets, and stacking bins. That doesn’t really sound like a lot of fun, does it? I want to show you the fun, pretty part, too.

little girl room makeover

This year for National Get Organized Month (known as GO Month in the industry, I’m not making this up), I am sharing through the steps of a medium sized project here in my own home. This little project turned into somewhat of a monster project, and I wanted to share how we dealt with all those little details that make DIY-ing fun, and some really great organizing tricks, too!

For a project like this, let’s face it, solid organizing skills are required. Here are the lessons from moving my youngest daughter from the crib-turned-toddler-bed into her own big-girl room.

  • DIY-ers always tend to under-estimate the time that it will take.
  • There are almost always delays or errors in the orders for just about anything you order. Just count on it.
  • You can find out a lot about your product by researching. There are almost always good, better, and best alternatives to conventional products.
  • In home improvement projects, one thing always leads to another.
  • Podcasts are the best new DIY tool to help pass the time on a project like this.
  • You’ll never, ever be sorry that you took the time to do something right.
  • You can never have too much pink.

Stay tuned for the big reveal. In the mean time join us here!

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