31 Day Organizing Challenge

Happy New Year’s. What are you going to organize first? Don’t you wish you had a new tool to help you get organized? Something that you haven’t tried before? This year getting organized can be different! That’s because you are joining up with us on the 31 Day Organizing Challenge for New Years organizing help.

Get Organized 2016- 31 day organizing challenge

What is the 31 Day Organizing Challenge?

Each day during January, I’m posting an organizing project that you can tackle. I’ll share resources, articles, and encouragement. But it’s not just me. There are many, many others who will be organizing along with you. We’ll find that you aren’t the only one with an organizing hot spot or an emotional entanglement. You are not alone.

If you want to tackle that day’s organizing challenge, then just comment that you are in! A project might take a few hours, a few days, or even all month. You are welcome to post your questions, comments, pictures, and celebrate your achievements within the group during the 31 day organizing challenge.

What’s the catch to the 31 Day Organizing Challenge?

There is nothing to buy, no list to send in, no subscription to renew. This is all focused on what YOU want to accomplish. Please don’t attempt to do each and every project. Just pick the ones that mean something to you.

When can I get started on the 31 Day Organizing Challenge?

Today! First off, click to join our Clutter-Free Facebook Group. I’ve set it up because (and not many people know this), if you join a FB Group, you will see every main post if you want to. Be sure to click on “notifications” on the picture at the top, and be sure that “all” is checked. If you comment on a post, you will then also see all the comments for that post.

The first challenge in our 31 day organizing challenge is organizing your purse or wallet. This is a great challenge because:

  1. It’s quick. It should absolutely take you 30 minutes or less. Much less!
  2. It will help you with all of those other New Year’s resolutions, like saving money.
  3. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment to look inside your bag and find what you need right away!

how to organize a purse

What other projects will there be during this 31 Day Organizing Challenge?

I want you to be excited about these challenges. And I really, really want to hear about your successes, and even your attempts. You might have found me out on the vast, wide internet, but I am a real person, a real NAPO member and Certified Professional Organizer® with over 11 years of experience in many, many different settings, and I really get excited when you get excited! I want to hear from you!

I’m posting the list of daily challenges that I’ll be issuing. I completely reserve the right to change the order or swap in a new project, so stay on your toes. Here is the current list:

1. Purse/Wallet
2. Set 5 Micro goals for organizing
3. Find the Time
4. Kitchen-clear the counter
5. Kitchen- junk drawer
6. Kitchen- utensils
7. Kitchen- shopping bags
8. Kitchen- fridge
9. Kitchen- pantry
10. Organize the car, check your insurance card, license and registration
11. Organize the medicine cabinet
12. Organize clothes closet– just one or two categories (pick from shoes, pants, tops, skirts/dresses, accessories)
13. Organize clothes closet (yours again, or someone else’s)
14. Organize the coat closet
15. List something on CraigsList or Ebay
16. Set up a tickler file
17. Organize the home office
18. Digital Photos
19. Digital Photos (continued)
20. Make a donation drop off
21. Prepare for a storm
22. Organize Vital Records
23. Craft/Hobby space
24. Organize Toys
25. Organize keys
26. Make a mom-binder
27. Get ready for tax filing
28. Buy Nothing Day
29. Hang something up day
30. Tame a hot spot
31. Take a Bow

Is there anything else I should know about the 31 Day Organizing Challenge?

There may be prizes, you just never know. But you MUST be a member of our Clutter-Free Facebook Group to be in on the fun. I hope you will join us and start to see your world become more organized over the next 31 days.

How do I get in on the 31 Day Organizing Challenge fun?

First, join our Clutter-free Facebook Group. Be sure to click on “notifications” on the picture at the top, and be sure that “all” is checked. Get started on the first project, organizing your purse or wallet. If you need inspiration, start with this article on one way to organize your purse. Hint: the main idea is sorting things into groups. Then come back to our Clutter-Free Facebook Group and let us know what you did so we can do a happy dance for you.

More New Years Organizing Help and January challenges throughout the years gathered here on one page for you.