Organize Gift Wrap

Even for folks who don’t like the trouble of gift wrap, the traditional holiday season brings out the urge to gift wrap. And maybe even organize gift wrap supplies. You don’t really need a specialized container to organize gift wrap, but it does help to have some kind of system. Without a plan, the money spent on pretty paper, gift bags, and bows might as well be crinkled up and tossed in the trash (which is what happens to much of the gift wrap I come across when organizing).

I’ve used all sorts of things to organize gift wrap.

Your favorite laundry hamper works well for paper rolls.

gift wrap storage

A peg board can display a few frequently used rolls. With just two or three all-purpose designs, you can wrap for any occasion.

how to organize holiday gift wrap

A plain old kitchen trash can provides enough structure to keep gift bags stored safely.

gift wrap supplies and gift bags

What do you think about this neat little Gift Wrap Caddy available on Amazon? It has space for everything, including a dedicated pair of scissors and tape. And it sits on the floor or hangs up on a closet rod.

I saw something similar at the Container Store, and I love that there are holders for scissors and tape built right in.

gift wrap organizing station

If you are a real wrap connoisseur, you might have one caddy for the winter holidays and one for other occasions.

The one solution I’ve never liked, after seeing so much crushed paper in so many houses, is the bin that lays flat and holds rolls. They always seem to get crushed, no matter where they are stored. Please, for the sake of innocent, defenseless paper rolls, just don’t go there.

What’s your favorite storage solution for gift wrap?




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  1. Barbarawendel

    I am doing this today!

    1. Darla

      Have fun with it. That’s one way to get in the holiday mood.

  2. Wanda Swartzbaugh

    Toilet tissue tubes slit fit around a roll of gift wrap to keep your rolls of wrap nice and tight

    1. Darla

      Agreed! I like to decorate mine with washi tape.

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