What to Pack for a Long Trip to Paris

Some of you wanted to see exactly what I was packing on my long trip to Paris. For 3 weeks, I was trying to adhere to the 5-4-3-2-1 packing plan so I could fit everything in just one carry on bag, without having to wear all black. I got pretty close.

What to pack for a long trip to Paris

I was reading that Europeans still dress up compared to American styles, so I wanted to take more dresses. I started with these 4, plus one I’ll show you in a bit.
What to pack on a long trip

4 shirts, mostly sleeveless, only one of which is a black t-shirt.

3 bottoms (one maxi skirt, one short skirt, and one pair of cropped pants).

2 light sweaters.

What to pack on a long trip (4)

1 scarf.

1 swimsuit with a cover-up that can double as a dress all on it’s own (That makes 5 dresses).

1 nightie and robe.

What to pack on a long trip- extras

3 pair of shoes that are all very comfortable, light and good for walking.

What shoes to pack on a long trip to Paris

My travel outfit is the maxi skirt, blue t-shirt, and the larger Dansko sandals on the left. All super comfy.

Sure, I could economize just a teensy bit more, but when it all fits in one carry-on and still leaves a little room for shopping, why?

What to pack in a carry on for a long trip to Paris

If you want to see if this wardrobe held up for my long stay in Paris, check out my Instagram.

What do you think. Could you pack like this for a long trip?