Fun Fall Organizing Must-Do’s

Can you tell I’m in denial about fall? Pumpkins have been haunting Pinterest since July, and I’m just now getting around to it. But it’s finally time to organize and decorate for fall. Here’s a short list of organizing must-do’s this fall.

  1. Decorate your front porch. You can do it up big or keep it small, with these ideas from Jillian and a bunch of my blogging friends. Fall-Front-Porch-Ideas from iamahomemaker
  2. Get your car in the garage. I have plenty of ideas to help you organize the garage and store things like bikes. Trust me, you’re going to love this fun tip for helping kids with where to store their bikes, skateboards, and anything else they need to park.organize the garage for fall
  3. Flip your wardrobe for fall. Or not. I personally can’t keep up if I have to do the summer/winter changeover. See how I organize my complete wardrobe in about 6″ of space. (One of my tips in this article has been shared and pinned worldwide!)
  4. Change your menu and bring out the slow-cooker. You can search my site for all sorts of crock-pot and slow-cooker recipes. This Easy Fall Squash Soup is one of the most simple and one of my favorites. Slow Cooker squash soup for fall
  5. Add more lighting. You can check out the 5-part lighting series I did a while back, adding more light fixtures to my home to combat the winter low-light. You’ve probably just about completely switched over to those swirly CFL bulbs by now, but I have a new favorite. GE LED Bright Stik
    are amazing! These LED’s give out a beautiful clear light, they last 13 years (No more wasted pantry space from hoarding light bulbs!!!), and they only cost a few dollars. Yes, they are a new shape, but it’s oddly pleasing, and not weird like those curly bulbs. Seriously. Check them out. I’m in love!GE Reveal LED bulb lighting update


Fall is a busy time, so maybe you don’t do all of these right now, but just one or two or these fall organizing must-do’s are sure to make your life easier.