Upgraded Storage from a Pretzel Can

My laundry “room” is right in my kitchen, so any little organizing upgrade makes me happy about a dozen times a day. This time, I repurposed a plastic pretzel can into something super useful.

These pretzel rods are yummy, so we go through quite a few each year.

repurpose pretzel can for trash bags

They are a great size, and useful for storing all sorts of things, like bath toys. No upgrading needed.

repurposed pretzel can for organizing

But with a little contact paper, I finally had the best little spot on my laundry shelf for the rolls of trash bags that we buy. I already had the contact paper, which I used to re-cover some office storage. I just covered the outside of the container and stashed the trash bags inside. It just looks pretty.

repurposed trash bag holder

What have you repurposed lately to help you with organizing?


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  1. Pat Young

    OK, now come up with a use for the large clear plastic pretzel cans. I hate to throw them out. I guess you could cut off the top and make them into little trash cans or cut a few inches off bottom to put under plants. Any other ideas? Pat in SNJ

    1. Darla

      Thanks for reading, Pat. You are too good for me. I don’t have a project off the cuff for you, although I suspect they might make Halloween ghosties.

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