A Cozy Place for Tea (Organizing Tea Bags in a Lazy-Susan)

There’s starting to be a chill in the air where I live, and like most folks, I’m swapping my iced beverage for a hot one. I’m always looking for ways to make my crowded kitchen Lazy-Susan cabinet work harder, and trying to cute-it-up at the same time. Now I have a cute little place for organizing tea bags right at my fingertips.

tea bag organizer for Lazy-Susans

I had been wanting a better tea-storage solution ever since I spied this little tea bag organizer, but I knew I could come up with something even better.

Supplies for Tea Bag Organizer for Lazy-Susan

This easy little DIY only took a few supplies and a few minutes at home.

tea bag organizer DIY supplies

I started with a galvanized tin sign market from Michaels. I was planning on hanging it with a 3M Command Hook, but by a happy accident, it slides in place perfectly.

back of tea bag organizer for lazy-susan

Next, three paper boxes from the craft store (about $2 each) got a little label on the short side. I stamped them “MORN,” “NOON,” “NIGHT” to separate the types of teas I usually have on hand. I stuck these on with Satin Decou-Page, which I’ve been using in quite a few projects lately.

letterpress lables for DIY tea bag organizer

You could easily use pre-cut blackboard stickers, or freehand some chalkboard lettering if that’s your thing. (Emily from Two Purple Couches, I’m looking at you.)

labels for DIY tea bag organizer

On the long/back side, each box got 2 strip magnets. These were self-adhesive, but I applied a little Decou-Page just to be sure they would stick.

magnets hold the DIY tea bag organer for lazy-susan

That’s pretty much it. Now I can remove all that extra packaging and half-empty tea boxes. My little tea boxes are up off the shelf, and are even cute enough to sit on the table and let a guest choose their own tea.

Tea Bag organizers for lazy-susan

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tea bag organizer for Lazy-Susan

You can see I’m trying to pretty up the rest of my lazy-Susan by transferring other products into old sauce and salsa jars, like I did in my organized pantry.

how to organize the pantry

If you are trying to kick the coffee habit like I did, try out this Chai Latte recipe, which I am also mixing ahead of time and storing in a jar in my organized Lazy-Susan.

Chai Latte Recipe


Does this idea solve a problem in your corner cabinet, Lazy-susan or pantry?