Luggage Tag Makeover

By now, you probably know that I’m off on an adventure to soak up as much of as Paris as possible. Before heading out, I had new luggage tags on my wish list. Did you know that simple little luggage tags can run $10-20???? I’d rather spend that on museum admission or more crepes, thank you very much.

Luggage Tag Makeover

I’ll warn you now that this Luggage Tag Makeover project is kind of a fail, but kind of not. You decide. Remember how not “crafty” I’m always telling you I am? Yeah, here’s proof. You have been warned.

This logo luggage tag was ripe with rehab possibilities.

Basic Logo Luggage Tag for makeover

I got some goodies at Haven Conference, and I decided to get creative with some Modern Masters Metallic Green Apple, some Modern Masters Metallic Green Apple adhesive, and a candy wrapper.

I hit the logo side of the tag with a light layer of spray primer, then two coats of this gorgeous, rich metallic green.

painted luggage tag makeover

I may not have let it dry as much as needed (mistake number one), and then I applied a thick coat of DecoPage Outdoor, which was probably mistake number two. If you replicate this, go with a thin coat of this stuff and let it partially dry.

decoupage Luggage tag makeover

Mistake number three was adding the plastic too soon. Basically, I covered a wet surface with plastic and spent the next three days watching paint dry. The plastic was a polka dot candy bag from Haven in a previous life.

painted luggage tag makeover

It couldn’t hurt to wrap the entire tag in packing tape, and now it’s durable enough for a transatlantic trip.

Luggage Tag makeover finished

Even so, with all these mistakes, I still ended up with my desired end result: a no cost and impactful makeover for a luggage tag that will set my bag apart.

What do you think? Was this luggage tag makeover a fail or fab?