Easy DIY Framed Art (Inspired by Haven Conference and Behr)

Easy. DIY. Style. Most people want it all. If this describes you, you are going to love this Easy DIY Framed Art project that Behr paints shared with us at Haven Conference 2015. The best part is that you already have all you need to do this at home.

There was a lot going on at Haven, and tons of tools and tips that I’ll share with you over the coming weeks, but honestly, this little project took no time at all, which was good, because I had places to go and friends to meet!

Easy DIY Framed Art title

Supplies for Easy DIY Framed Art project:

  • Picture frame with glass (Frames that are headed to or just came from the thrift shop are great for this project.)
  • Fine tip artist brush
  • Paint (Be sure to use a high quality leftover paint, preferably one with a primer, or get a sample pot of Behr Marquee at thr Home Depot.)
  • A design outline. We used an animal silhouette. You could use a college logo or a picture from a magazine.
  • Background matting, such as fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, wallpaper scrap, pretty napkin, or shelf paper/contact paper square like we used.

Step 1
Lay the paper outline under the glass and paint over the outline, directly on the glass, completely covering the silhouette design. Let the paint dry.

Easy DIY Framed Art painted silhouette

Step 2
Cut your background material to the size of the glass.

Easy DIY Framed Art pinted

Step 3
Reassemble the frame, laying the pretty backing on the frame backing, then the glass. You might want to turn the glass with the painted side in, but you don’t have to.

Easy DIY Framed Art  reassembled

That’s it! You can put old frames to use with this simple project, and add high impact, personalized design to your space in about 15 minutes. This works with any size frame. Just select the size of your silhouette/outline for the size of the frame.

If this is too easy for you, you could always rescue an old frame by spraying or brushing it with a new coat of paint. This works wonders on even cheap, plastic frames, if you use a good quality paint.

Unfortunately for me, the glass on this little project didn’t make it home in one piece, so I get to make this again. Ah, well, just one more way I get to relive those Haven memories.