What Mom Really Wants: Organized Photos

Mom doesn’t really want one more thing to dust, organize or water. She wants more sanity, simplicity, and happy memories. She will probably never ask you but will definitely appreciate help organizing her photos.

Note: I wrote this post originally back in 2015, and I’ve been a Mylio photo app user over the years, along with many other photo platforms. Mylio is still a strong recommendation in 2024. 

digital photo organizing for mom with Mylio

You know when you want to tell all your friends about the best, coolest, solution that just works?

Yeah, that’s me with Mylio.


What Mom Really Wants: Organized Photos

This is THE FIRST digital photo organizing solution that meets all of my (and likely your) criteria:

  • It allows you to KEEP all of your photos on YOUR system, and does not require that you upload them or park them on some cloud service. Your photos are always yours.
  • It syncs all of your photos between your computers and mobile devices. Pictures are available on all of your other devices. And if you make an edit, that edit flows through to the same picture stored on all of your other devices. No more rampant duplicates!
  • You keep the organization structure on your computer. No starting over with new folders or events.
  • It integrates with Lightroom.
  • It accepts photo formats like JPEG and RAW files.
  • If you don’t stick with Mylio, your photos are still yours, with all edits and organization you’ve made, no exports required!
  • It allows you to have a family photo, regardless of your family member’s devices or locations.
  • It works whether you use PC, Apple iOS or Mac, or Android.
  • Oh, yeah, it handles video, too.
  • It’s pretty easy to use.

Those of you who know me well know that I am actually not a technology early adopter, although I am a heavy tech user. I really like to know that my tech solution works and will likely be around for a while.

Why should you care about organizing your digital photos?

If you have digital photos on CD’s and DVD’s going back 10 years, there is a good chance that many of them might already be corrupt. We want to safeguard them before they are gone forever.

If you can never keep track of whether a picture you took is on your phone, on your PC, or somewhere on a cloud service, Mylio creates just ONE library on all of your devices, so you can get to any photo at any time.

All of those family albums you’ve been meaning to create? It gets a whole lot easier to do when you have all of your photos organized and accessible anywhere.

All of those precious family photos and slides that you wanted to scan? Now you’ll be able to organize them digitally and have them accessible and shareable, organized in whatever way makes sense for you.

Are you out of space on your phone?  Mmm-hhhm.

Been meaning to organize your photos? Do it once, in one place, even on the go, and save tons of time.

You’re not going to take fewer photos this year. The organization and storage concern is only going to grow!

Why is Mylio better than the iCloud?

It doesn’t have to be either/or. You can pair many popular cloud services with Mylio for a complete solution. The biggest reason I keep recommending Mylio, however, is that Mylio works across on all platforms, iOS, Apple, Android, and PC and gives you a great viewing experience without being super hard to use. It takes a minute to set up, sure, but then it’s a pretty great product.

Choose Your Best Option To Get Started Organizing Photos Now

Option 1. Try the free version of Mylio (affiliate link). Yep, it’s really free. And it’s good. But there’s more good stuff at the Plus level.

Option 2: Subscribe to a Mylio+  (affiliate link) for multiple devices and more features. At about $99/year, it’s totally worth it to make your photos fun again.

Not sure which is the best option for you or if you really need the Plus version? Email me, and I’ll help you decide.

What would make mom happier than having her photos organized, and being able to share them with you?


I know organizing photos already seems like an overwhelming task.

I know you have the best intentions.

I know you just want something that works.

I’m here to help.

(The giveaway has ended.)

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  1. Grace Butler

    This was made just for me! Computer, camera, cell phones, IPad, Facebook…they are all over the place!! I hope I win!!

    1. Darla

      Yes, this will help you pull them all together. Good luck!

  2. beverly e

    I only have my photos on my computer, backed up on a Passport. This would be great to have!

    1. Darla

      You get points for having at least one backup. Great job!

  3. Julie

    I have pictures stored on negatives, slides, CDs, jump drives, my iPhone, my iPad, my laptop, in cloud storage, and on an external hard drive. I have been looking for a good software program to help me organize everything in one place. Thanks for posting this information about Mylio.

  4. Karen Emerson

    I don’t even have a mental list of all the digital photo locations! ACK!! TOO MANY!

  5. Ellen

    I have pictures on the computer, iPad, phone and prints. Need to make photo books

    1. Darla

      Ellen, thanks for reading and entering. Set yourself a goal to make a photo book this summer. Of course, I’d be happy to help. Once you do one or two, they get easier. Best wishes!

  6. Rachel

    Not enough I think – I post everything on social media so in case my computer crashes they are still floating out that. But then I always worry about Facebook getting deleted! haha

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