Making the Most of a Small Living Room with These Decorating Ideas

Small spaces can make you feel squeezed for storage, but with planning, you can make the most of a small living room.

making the most of a small living room

Choose a Color

One way to fool the eye into thinking the space is larger is to simplify your color scheme to just one main color, otherwise known as a monochrome palette. It can be neutral, like in the picture above, or closely related shades of any color. This lets your eye easily “flow” around the room, making it seem bigger, without having to stop to process color changes. Choose your accessories and pillows carefully to stay within your intended color scheme, and you’ll instantly have less visual clutter.


Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

The first place to look for space is inside that ottoman. The center piece should work triple hard as an ottoman, table, and seating in a pinch. Toys, blankets, magazines, even home filing can hide inside and tidy up the overall space. Sorry for the dark picture, but you can see all the household files and the hiding place for today’s mail right here in this family room ottoman.

organize files in an ottoman


Stow Clutter to Make Room

Got kids? Small bins are a must. Fabric and woven bins are pretty and easy for little hands to handle. Small toys, games and even Legos can hide in plain sight. Try your best to keep the plastic bins out of the living room, or it can start to look like a warehouse in no time. You probably already have baskets that could work just fine and even will hold all those tiny pieces if you line them.

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Heads up. Go Vertical.

Using all the space in a small room usually means maximizing vertical storage. Install tall bookshelves and style them with a combination of books, family photos, decor items to compliment your color scheme, and toy bins on lower shelves. Be sure to secure shelves to the wall using approved tip-kits to make them child-safe. Once loaded for storage, don’t be afraid to move furniture right up against them if that helps you maximize seating.

living large in a small space living room

Let it Roll

Small spaces often have to serve many functions, so make it easy to change things up. Chose furniture with glides or wheels, or add them yourself. Make it easy to clear the center of the room for teeny tiny dance parties, or bring seating together for impromptu game nights. This $12 caster fix can help you get so much more out of your small living room.

add casters to furniture in small spaces for flexibility

Even with all these space-saving tricks, the most effective strategy is always to de-clutter so you only have those things around you that are useful and that you love.

These are just a few tricks to help you live large in a small space. What have you found that works for you?