April Showers and Other Easy Bathroom Updates

We’ve had it pretty easy this April, with less rain than the month is famous for. But since it’s not quite painting season here, I thought I’d show off an easy shower update to keep your DIY mojo going this spring.

easy updates for bath organizing

Last year at Haven Conference, Waterpik was kind enough to share their newest shower head with each of us. Although I like my shower head, you can see that I needed a new one. Actually, you can easily clean this by throwing it in a bowl with denture cleaning tablets and water, but since I was holding a brand new shower head in my hand…

install a new shower head for upgraded bath

My hanging shower organizer was also rusting and needed replacing. I know, you’re disappointed I don’t have a before picture of that. LOL.

So, this Waterpik Spray Shaper with Powerspray has a few nifty features. First off, it’s easy to install. It makes some pretty fantastic claims on the box.

easy to install new shower head

It took me about 10 minutes in total, and no special tools. Yay!

install new shower head

I also splurged on a new simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, with shelves that adjust up/down and side/side. It has a little suction cup tail that allows me to position it for stability right on a tile. And it claims to never rust. Yes, it seemed like a splurge, but over the long run, it will pay for itself. In case you are wondering, yes, that’s all the beauty products in my shower. I can’t stand for it to get cluttered in there, and I like to keep it organized.

Back to the Waterpik Spray Shaper with Powerspray, it has one more little trick. It has wings, so you can split the spray and direct some up and some down. You can also choose the handheld model like I prefer (for quickly  spraying down the tub, the kids, the dog, whatever) or the fixed head without the hose.

adjustable spray shower head

So if you really want choices in the shower, you can get all fancy, for less than $100 and no plumber needed. You can do this!

What about you? Is this a bathroom upgrade you think you could tackle yourself?

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  1. Sue

    What color is that paint Darla?

    1. Darla

      Sue, I’m pretty sure it is Sherwin Williams Waterscape 6470. I never get tired of that color. It’s perfect for a bathroom and looks great up against white.

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