Convert a Closet to a Pantry

This family moved into a house with a mudroom AND a coat closet, but no pantry. No problem. With some adjustable shelving from Organized Living, this space became a highly functioning pantry in just a few hours.

Organize by converting a closet to a pantry

Here is the coat closet, close to the kitchen and not really needed because there is a mudroom just around the corner.

convert a closet into a pantry

The adjustable shelf system is what makes this system a breeze. It installs easily as a DIY project (and I install them for my clients), and can be set to accommodate tall cereal boxes and even appliances.

converted pantry shelves

We added a rack unit to hold snacks and small items that get unruly on shelves.

wire baskets keep pantry shelves tidy

Recycling large plastic and glass jars are perfect for storing dry goods like grains and beans.

clear containers hold dry goods

Here is the pantry in all its glory.

organized pantry with adjustable shelves

Could you make a change like this to make a closet work even better in your home?